Tamagotchi: 'Round the World App Reviews

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le jeu se fini trop vite donc trop cher!!

Nice but short

Really enjoying but too short for a payed game. Not worth it.

Can we have a normal Tama-simulator please?

Ill admit; tamagotchies themselves are addicting. When I saw that there was a Tamagotchi application, I got excited. I was disappointed when I saw it was a game in and of itself, but downloaded it nonetheless. The app seems to be of high quality, mimicking the likes of the DS games, but what I was really hoping for was an ACTUAL Tamagotchi simulator for the iPhone. You know? Where you feed it, play with it, and it grows? Most like the Tamagotchi Connection V1-V3, without the complicated family business or music star excess? Aside from that, this application isnt even that great; the games are shallow and you lose interest quickly. I implore the creators to make a general, throw-back Tamagotchi for the iPhone!


GMOS Yuckest game ever


A couple years ago I used to like tamagotchis. Even back then thought this game was boring. Now I thinks its terrible. It would only amuse 5-7 year olds! NOT WORTH 5 DOLLARS!!!!!!!

Not what I expected..

But I still think its kind of fun...worth the 99c I spent on it. [originally reviewed on 3rd Jul 2011]

Doesnt work!

I just spent money on this game and it doesnt even work


It opens, then when its loading it crashes!!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!€£¥$

What a waste

I had bought this game because I absolutely love Tamagotchi, but then I found out I cant even open it. Please update the game or give me a refund.

Used to be a great app!

I thoroughly enjoyed this app when I bought it. Now the app wont load on the updated IOS. Dont spend the money unless they update it.


It wont even open fix it because I want to play.

repetitive AND short. this game (if played nonstop) would last at MOST 2 hours. waste of cash. dont buy. youve been warned. 

Needs more levels

Cute game, needs more levels, kind of a waste of money, needs to be cheaper

Just about as cute as it looks.

Cute game and fun to play while talking on the phone!

A cute world

I love this game, the character is so cute and the music is great. Cutest game on the app store :)

It is really cool but...

This game is really cool but u have to do it over and over by watering them and takin care of them!!!! Very boring


All the games are repetitive. Its good for waiting in the doctors office, but needs more. Why doesnt the Tamagotchi change/grow like the original. And when I finished all the levels that was it! No reward -NOTHING!

Oohhh yeaa!

This is the best game ever!!! Although I really wish there were more missions theres only like 6 missions so watch out people who are about to buy this game. But it is sooo fun!!!!!!

Fun and cute

I really love this game! It is fun and silly!! Can get boring after a bit so thats when you stop playing and come back to it later  I enjoyed it tho! 

What is the point?

I this this is a pointless app. Not worth the money.

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